Aging Gracefully: The Five Day Full-Body Recharge Plan

Ideally, many would welcome the opportunity to avoid the negative effects of aging, but realistically it affects us all at one point or another, so the important question becomes: How do we delay the process?

Dr. Oz recently released a 5 day plan to help get rejuvenate your five senses that can sometimes decrease with age. This is particularly interesting for those at risk for Alzheimer’s as the plan Dr. Oz outlines also serves as an early indicator for signs of the disease.  Below I have highlighted the first two days of the plan as they proved to be the most educational and beneficial.

Day 1: This day focuses on elevating your senses by seeing which areas need a pick me up and which are functioning at their full capacity.  This is what Dr. Oz suggests for each sense:

Test: Hold your arms straight down with your wrists pressing against each other for 10 seconds. If numbness is felt in some of your fingers then there may be some nerve compression in your hands.

Remedy: “To maintain and strengthen the sensation in your nerves, take 10 mcg of vitamin B12 each day.”

Test: Take an alcohol swab and open it near your waist.  Slowly raise it towards your nose until you can smell it.  If you can smell the alcohol around chest level then your sense of smell is fine. If not, read the below remedy.

Remedy: “If your sense of smell is lacking, try taking 600mg of the supplement alpha lipoic acid daily to wake up the olfactory nerve, which is instrumental in one’s sense of smell.”

Test: Mix zinc sulfate with water and swish it around your mouth for 10 seconds.  If you cannot sense a metallic taste, then there may be a deficiency in your sense of taste.

Remedy: “Take 15 mg of zinc daily if you experience a deficiency in taste. Within 2-3 weeks your sense of taste should be restored. Otherwise, consult your doctor.”

Day 2: The second day focuses on skin rejuvenation which, as we grow older, begins to wrinkle and show signs of aging.  Surprisingly, the mixture of nutmeg and cinnamon can serve as a rejuvenation agent for wrinkled skin.  Take 6 teaspoons of cinnamon and nutmeg and run it though your coffee machine’s filter.  Then, pour this mixture directly into a warm bath and soak in it.  Alternatively, you can let the mixture cool and use it as a face or body wash instead.

Like what you have read thus far? For the remaining three days of the plan click here:

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