Socialization is Essential for the Elderly 

Have you ever been holed-up in your home for a couple days? Maybe you were [...]

Cerna OC & Alzheimer’s Association at the Bowers Museum

On Thursday night January 22, 2015 Cerna Home Care participated in an event at the [...]

Love and Lightness at the End of Life

Of late, there is much conversation about death with dignity and orchestrating the end of [...]

Cerna Home Care Establishes The Cerna Foundation to Help Less Fortunate Seniors

Cerna Home Care is proud to announce the establishment of The Cerna Foundation (TCF). The [...]

Holiday Pot Luck at the Cerna Care Facility

At the Cerna Care Facility, also known as the Andros House, we celebrated the holidays [...]

What is Lewy Bodies Dementia?

Silver linings. They can be hard to find in the midst of tragedy, loss and [...]