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Cerna Homecare was founded in 2009 by Founder and CEO Nick Payzant on the principle that supportive care must be flexible, high quality and customized to the needs of the client. Our care is designed to be helping people become more independent and add to quality of life. Our elderly are a precious and diminishing asset, they deserve the very best and Cerna is built on providing that level of care. We build custom tailored care plans designed with the whole family in mind.

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By calling one of our professionally trained Care Specialists you will be greeted with passion and understanding. Your needs are our reason for being here! Please call us now so we can answer your questions and help you put together a plan of care that fits exactly to your needs.

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What our beloved clients say about the Cerna Family

I sing your praises!

“Johnna has been doing really good. She has only had 1 or maybe 2 small meltdowns during quarantine. She’s doing her homework without asking, cleaning her room and making 85% of her own food. All in all she’s been better than I ever could have imagined. You were so right.”

Johnna Haynes

Shirley Rose!

“Shirley is a wonderful caregiver and a great addition to our household on the days that she works for us. We both feel very comfortable with her capabilities and her sweet personality. She is a good fit in our home. She will stay with Howard next week for four days while I have a little respite trip. I am completely at ease going away with Shirley here to take care of Howard. Thank you, Cerna, for sending her to us! Betty Compton”

Shirley Rose

You are so great!

“You did a great job teaching me about what’s really going on with Johnna. Nobody was able to figure it out. We all as a team continue to work with johnna. I actually finally enjoy coming home and spending time with her. You are amazing! I started giving her allowance once a week a while back with light chores.magna aliquam erat volutpat.”

DeAnn and Johnna King

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Cerna Homecare has several offices and is always expanding.

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