Can caregivers give medication?

They can assist with medication and remind mom or dad to take it and even help put it in the daily reminders.

How do we know the hired caregivers are safe to have in our home?

Most professional providers use nationwide criminal background checking services and DMV checks. Make sure to ask for a copy of the background information. The provider should also hold a Bond, incase of a loss of property.

My mom needs some extra help around the house, but I don't need a nurse?

That is fine, caregivers are non-nurse, non-medical helpers that provide that extra assistance mom or dad are in need of.

Are we stuck with a caregiver even if we don't think they are a good fit for us?

No, you should contact your provider right away and let them know that you have a concern. A replacement should be made available immediately.

What if we don't need someone all day or night?

Home Care Services are very flexible when it comes to schedules and hours needed. Most providers have a four hour minimum, but no minimum visits.

What should I expect from a caregiver when they are in our home?

A Caregiver or Personal Care Aide should provide all the necessary duties to ensure you or your loved one thrives and has a better quality of life. These duties would include: Bathing, Grooming, Meal Preparation, Errands, Exercise, Light Housekeeping, Socialization, Outings and General Assistance.