With Cerna In Home Care Services you are treated like family. Whether you need some help around the house for a few hours a day or care 24 hours per day every day, we have the right in home care services and programs for you or your loved one including:

  • Live-in Care (live-in care aid that provides care 16 hours per day and is always there)
  • Hourly Care (any schedule, any times from four hours to 24 hours)
  • 24 Hour Care (two 12 hour shifts when your loved one needs day and night attendance)
  • Memory Care (Trained care providers with memory, Alzheimer’s and dementia care experience)
  • Cognitive Care (Running appointments and errands, doctor visits, etc)
  • Care Management (We are always available, especially when you can’t be. Just a phone call away.)

All Cerna Care Aides have at least one year experience, Criminal Background checked, DMV checked, Passed and acquired four units in Cognitive Impairment course, have a minimum of eight hours in house training and have a current CPR/First Aid Card.

Cerna Homecare is a Local Leader in the Home Care Service Industry

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Step 1 – Schedule a free consultation
One of our professionals will come out and do a comprehensive assessment and safety check on your loved ones needs and ensure the home is safe

Step 2 – Care Plan
we’ll provide a plan of care that details the care needed, duties and work schedule the care aid will follow and be accountable to

Step 3 –  Start Care
We’ll be there on time and with a smile to provide the loving compassionate care you expect for your family that includes:

  • Meal Planning, Shopping and Preparation
  • Companionship and Socialization
  • Transfers and ambulatory assistance
  • Toileting, Hygine and Grooming
  • Humor and Fun
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Doctor’s Appointments
  • Bathing
  • Exercise and Mobility
  • Anything relative to general assistance


Our caregivers provide, companionship, bathing, grooming, light housekeeping, medication reminders, exercise, general assistance, errands, cooking and much, much more. Cerna maintains Workmans Compensation Insurance, Liability Insurance and a Surety Bond to ensure there would never be Homeowner liability.

We also have continuing levels of care that incorporate more therapeutic/rehabilitative care. Our level II service provides focused cognitive activity, physical activity, lifestyle planning and constant monitoring to ensure progress. So whatever your care needs might be, Cerna will provide the flexibility to grow with your ever changing needs and you can log in to our website and view the Care Plan and Daily Care Notes that are entered in by the caregiver on a regular basis.

Cerna Home Care Caregivers

What our customers say!

I sing your Praises

Johnna has been doing really good. She has only had 1 or maybe 2 small meltdowns during quarantine. She’s doing her homework without asking, cleaning her room and making 85% of her own food. All in all she’s been better than I ever could have imagined. You were so right. Thank you so much, I sing your and Cerna’s praises all the time to anyone who will listen and I thank God daily that I found

Johnna Haynes

Great Service and Outstanding People

Medical care that is individualized to a specific patient’s needs has been hard to find. I am fortunate to have met the Cerna Home Care team. They share my expectations for high quality care. They have exceeded my hopes and have been very effective in the way they answer all needs of the patients we follow in the continuum of care in the community that we all

Sanjivan Singh Kohli, MD - Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Thank You From the Bottom of my Heart!

I’m so proud of our Cerna Homecare team that work diligently day in and day out in people’s homes during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.
Marc Friedman

You are so Great!

You did a great job teaching me about what’s really going on with Johnna. Nobody was able to figure it out. We all as a team continue to work with johnna. I actually finally enjoy coming home and spending time with her.
DeAnn and Johnna King


I am eternally grateful for the care Cerna provided as my father’s Alzheimers progressed. The coordinated care team arranged caregivers, doctors appointments, nutrition plans, and so much more.. Cerna guided our family through tough decisions and helped our family cope with this life transition. Thank you,

Steven k

I would love the ability of giving 10 stars

I would love the ability of giving 10 stars, however I am only able to leave 5 stars. I have so much to say about this company, Cerna Home Care and the Team of highly talented professionals truly exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond. I don’t know where my family would be today had Cerna not stepped in when he did. Here is a little back ground on what we were facing: My grandfather had a beautiful life, he was a wonderful father, grandfather and husband and deserved only the best. In his final year of life at

Melissa Nelson

Marc Friedman and the Team

Marc Friedman and the Team at Cerna Healthcare were outstanding in the care of my 26-year-old son; suffering from a delayed frontal lobe brain injury. Months of hospitalization, medication, doctors, tests, we were heartbroken and discouraged! With Marc at the helm; coordinating care, medication, rehabilitation, counseling, we are finally seeing improvement and know that Michael is on the road to a good, happy, and productive future. He continues to manage Mike’s care with expertise and compassion, and also has become an important part of our family and Mike’s

Christy Henry


The care that my Dad received by Cerna and the team was amazing. I’m so thankful we had him to help us coordinate his care. My Dad was suffering from heart failure and dementia and we needed help fast. Cerna stepped in and got things under control and in the process became a trusted friend to my Dad. It was a very stressful time and Cerna Home Care helped make it manageable. My Dad passed away after 1 year while on hospice at home. We still had Cerna Home Care helping every step of the way. My Dad loved his

Andrea Djafri


Shirley is a wonderful caregiver and a great addition to our household on the days that she works for us. We both feel very comfortable with her capabilities and her sweet personality. She is a good fit in our home. She will stay with Howard next week for four days while I have a little respite trip. I am completely at ease going away with Shirley here to take care of Howard. Thank you, Cerna, for sending her to us! Betty

Betty Compton


First of all, I am not taking care of Mr. Compton. My husband is Dan Smith. Jamayah has been a gift from heaven to us. She is so kind and will do anything to help us. We love her like



Shobha has been caring for my 86 year-old cousin, Marilyn, for over a year now. Shobha is a very competent caregiver. She is also very kind, loving and pleasant. Marilyn has come to care for Shobha very much and relies on her abilities and companionship. They are the uncontested Bingo champions at Belmont Village! My family and I are very grateful for Shobha and Cerna

Phyllis Labedis


I love working for cerna . I love how they care not just for caregivers but for their clients. They always do the best to fit caregivers with the right clients. my clients are pleased with them and how they have the best caregivers to send we love cerna . a 10 star

Shirley Rose


Just wanted to send you both a note to say how grateful I am for everything you both did yesterday. It means so much to me and I know that what you did put Shirlee at ease and made it that much easier for



You all stepped in at an interesting and trying time. I’m very grateful – and increasingly becoming relieved – for Marc’s, Susan, Valerie’s, Angelia’s, and Al’s involvement, you’ve collectively taken a very bad situation and turned it into a very positive process and experience. Looking forward to continued work with Cerna Home Care for years to



Now that things have settled down, I wanted to be sure to take a few minutes to write and thank you for your amazing help during our frantic Hopcraft family time. We are all aware you gave special attention to Rick’s well-being due to your mutual relationship with Dr. Lindburgh. That relationship notwithstanding, in our eyes you went above and beyond on Rick’s behalf. Your availability to him over his last two weeks was endless – and, therefore, your availability to US, his siblings, was the same. Pat and I especially, being so far removed, were extremely grateful. We know

Kate Hopcraft Carter