“We were able to spend more time with our mom and enjoyed every single second! Thank you all SO much!”

Arnold Walker | Loving Son

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This is just a few of our beloved familes that we were blessed to know


Johnna has been doing really good. She has only had 1 or maybe 2 small meltdowns during quarantine. She’s doing her homework without asking, cleaning her room and making 85% of her own food. All in all she’s been better than I ever could have imagined.
You were so right. Thank you so much, I sing your and Cerna’s praises all the time to anyone who will listen and I thank God daily that I found you!

Johnna Haynes


Medical care that is individualized to a specific patient’s needs has been hard to find. I am fortunate to have met the Cerna Home Care team. They share my expectations for high quality care. They have exceeded my hopes and have been very effective in the way they answer all needs of the patients we follow in the continuum of care in the community that we all serve.

Sanjivan Singh Kohli, MD / Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine


I’m so proud of our Cerna Homecare team that work diligently day in and day out in people’s homes during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.
They are not missing a beat in providing amazing care for our clients!
Words can not express how grateful I am and how grateful the families are to these dedicated healthcare workers. As we give very very warranted accolades to the hospital teams, let’s not forget the people that go into homes everyday providing very essential care.

Marc Friedman


I am eternally grateful for the care Cerna provided as my father’s Alzheimers progressed. The coordinated care team arranged caregivers, doctors appointments, nutrition plans, and so much more.. Cerna guided our family through tough decisions and helped our family cope with this life transition. Thank you, Cerna.

Steven k


The care that my Dad received by Cerna and the team was amazing. I’m so thankful we had him to help us coordinate his care. My Dad was suffering from heart failure and dementia and we needed help fast. Cerna stepped in and got things under control and in the process became a trusted friend to my Dad. It was a very stressful time and Cerna Home Care helped make it manageable. My Dad passed away after 1 year while on hospice at home. We still had Cerna Home Care helping every step of the way.

Andrea Djafri


Shirley is a wonderful caregiver and a great addition to our household on the days that she works for us. We both feel very comfortable with her capabilities and her sweet personality. She is a good fit in our home. She will stay with Howard next week for four days while I have a little respite trip. I am completely at ease going away with Shirley here to take care of Howard. Thank you, Cerna, for sending her to us! Betty Compton

Shirley Rose
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