I would love the ability of giving 10 stars

I would love the ability of giving 10 stars, however I am only able to leave 5 stars. I have so much to say about this company, Cerna Home Care and the Team of highly talented professionals truly exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond. I don’t know where my family would be today had Cerna not stepped in when he did. Here is a little back ground on what we were facing: My grandfather had a beautiful life, he was a wonderful father, grandfather and husband and deserved only the best. In his final year of life at 89 we as a family had finally come to the devastating realization that Grandpa needed hospice care. We didn’t know where to turn. We had, on our own looked at several different location that we had been referred to by others, but every facility that we looked at was way too much like a hospital and sterile. That was not the way we wanted his final days, weeks or months to be spent. All the beeping machines, the cold hospital like feel. We wanted him the have home cooked meals, surrounded by the opportunity for privacy and dignity during his final days here on earth. Cerna and their amazing team spent countless hours making calls checking on availability, an visiting the sites for us. When I say that Cerna and the Coordinated Care Team went above and beyond, this was our experience worth sharing…. We met Cerna Home Care, a year and a half prior after my father suffered a terrible stroke, Cerna arranged all of his Dr. appointments, rehab therapy, and treatment. My father was settled, back at home and was in his recovery phase. One day Cerna called, just to check in and see how my dad was doing, as he often did. However this time, he could hear the upset in my voice and asked how I was doing. I expressed my upset regarding the struggles we were facing with my grandfather, how we weren’t able to find the right place. How sad I was for my mom having to go through all of this when all she wanted was to be by her dads side. In the blink of an eye he was on the phone with his contacts and Team and getting the ball rolling. Within two days the perfect place had been found, Cerna Home Care and the whole team got my grandfather transferred, settled into his new place, a private room in a house with around the clock care. As close to being “at home” as any family member would want for the elderly grandparent. He made an incredibly difficult and challenging time in our lives as easy as we could have asked for. There was no hesitation, I didn’t even have to ask for the help. He rallied his Team and made it happen. He did it with such grace and kindness and true concern for my grandfather and my family. I would gladly refer him to anyone that was challenged with end of life treatment, family crisis situation and the challenges of the Healthcare and Insurance complications. I am and continue to be completely confident that I had sent them to the right place. Thank you Cerna Homecare. You all are so very special to this family. We will forever remember your compassion and genuine care for our family.