Baby Boomers Prone to Chronic Diseases, More so Than Parents…

Aging boomers are facing unique health issues these days. Not only are they less healthy and heavier than their parents, but they are also taking more medications. 

The baby boomer generation is more prone to chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease at earlier ages than their parents. 
So where do these issues stem from?


This generation has experienced drastic changes in the American diet over the years. Many of today’s foods are highly processed, especially the ones that are less expensive and easily accessible.  People try different diets, but most are hard to stick with and are ineffective. The easiest way to negate weight gain is to focus on a diet of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods and eating out as much as possible. Restaurant food, no matter how healthy it may seem, contains a large amount of hidden calories and excess sodium. Add 30-40 minutes of moderate exercise three days a week to your routine and you will notice and even bigger difference in your mood and physical appearance.


More so than naught, boomers are finding themselves taking care of their parents and their children, which results in an increased amount of stress.  Not
only are their children still financially dependent, but their jobs are being jeopardized due to their parent’s care needs.

Brain Function

In order to keep up your brain sharp as you age, experts recommend that you exercise, socialize and learn.  Keep your mind sharp by reading, learning new, challenging topics or hobbies, socializing and getting out of the house. Bryan James, the Assistant Professor in the department of Internal Medicine at Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center says, "the most socially active people are going to be less likely to develop problems with thinking or to have their cognition decline, as compared to people who are least socially active".

With that said, keep these three things – weight, stress and brain function – top of mind as you age. This will help you avoid any decline in your health, both mentally and physically.

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