The Title of “Oldest Living Person” Broken by Brazilian Woman

The Guinness World Records announced today that the title of “Oldest Living Person” has been taken by a Brazilian woman, Maria Gomes Valentim. She is 114-years and 313 days old. She was born in Carangola, Brazil on July 9th, 1896.

The previous record holder, Ms. Besse Cooper from Monroe, Georgia, now holds the title for “Oldest Living North American”. She is younger than Valentim by 48 days!

Maria Valentim attributes her longevity to her healthy eating habits, which consist of an occasional glass of wine and a full roll of bread with coffee every morning. She is proud to say that she is still able to feed herself without any help.

Maintaining our independence, as Valentim has, is important to all of us as we age. Valentim may hold the record for being the “Oldest Living Person” in the world, but there is a place where more people live longer and healthier than any other place on Earth: Okinawa, Japan. Life spans over 100 years are not unusual in Okinawa, but more importantly, people in their 70s, 80s enjoy incredible good health and independence. At Home Care Assistance we have studied the lifestyles of the Okinawa people and incorporate these components into the daily lives of our clients.

Excellent physical health, mental awareness and inner calm are common among the Okinawa elderly. Based on studies from this group of seniors, Home Care Assistance has developed The Balanced Care Method™, the first senior care solution to improve their quality of life with emphasis on balance and longevity.

Our caregivers are trained in The Method which includes the following components: a healthy diet, physical activity, mental awareness, social ties and calmness and purpose. Under this philosophy, Home Care Assistance caregivers extend and enhance the lives of our clients, helping them live longer, happier and more balanced lives.

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