New Smartphone Apps That Help Seniors and Caregivers

I recently came across a very interesting article on the growing number of software applications that can be used by caregivers and family members to monitor and assist seniors. These new technologies for smartphones and tablets are providing innovative ways to help keep aging loved ones safe and healthy. For example, Capzule PHR allows caregivers to organize and store patients’ health data. IBGStar is an app that provides a way to monitor blood glucose levels through a meter that you attach directly to your iPhone or iPad. Apps like iCam and SwannView allow you to view real-time video feeds of your loved one from your smartphone or tablet so that you can remotely check-in with them any time of day.

These apps can also be set up to record events for playback or send notifications when motion is detected. If someone you know has Alzheimer’s, you might consider downloading the Tell My Geo app. This app uses GPS technology to send regular location updates on their current whereabouts. The app also stores their medical information in case they ever need attention from emergency medical professionals and are not with a companion.

Not only do these apps help to ensure the health and safety of an aging parent or loved one that does not live nearby, but they also provide a new way to keep in touch! Video chatting apps such as Skype and Facetime are a great way to converse with friends and family who live both near and far.

Read more about other new apps for seniors here.

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