Hidden Benefits of Coffee


Laptop on Kitchen Table with Cup of CoffeeThe jury is still out on the health benefits of coffee.  Some experts claim a cup of joe a day is beneficial to one’s health while others claim that it can cause bloating and excess fat around one’s abdominal section.  Like anything in moderation, coffee does not adversely affect one’s health. However, those consuming upwards of five cups of coffee a day experience caffeine overload and other unpleasant symptoms.  Overindulgent coffee drinkers aside, Harvard researchers have brought some new benefits of coffee to light:

“Harvard researchers have discovered that coffee consumption can cut the risk for developing Endometrial cancer by as much as 25 percent.”  Too much coffee can lead to jitters and a generally uneasy feeling, but recent research has also shown that “women who drink a moderate amount of coffee can expect to lower their chances of gout, depression, stroke, and certain types of breast cancer.”  Additionally, several maladies associated with senior care, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, can be protected against with coffee consumption.

An estimated 46,000 new cases of Endometrial cancer are predicted to develop this year in the United States alone making it a prominent concern for women.   While there currently is no cure , it appears that coffee can decrease one’s risk for Endometrial cancer.

That said, don’t hesitate to pick up a cup of coffee to accompany your morning commute or routine!

To read more about the positive effects of coffee click here: http://www.healthnews.com/en/news/Women-Who-Drink-Coffee-Lower-Their-Risk-of-Endometrial-Cancer/3GUge5BG51Afgq6ERpPuyU/

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