Holiday Tip; Caring for Someone with Dementia?


When caring for a loved one with dementia, the holidays can be a stressful time.  As Bob DeMarco said in his recent article, “caregivers constantly worry that certain stimuli will send the Alzheimer’s patient into a “deep dark hole” and they will be the one left to deal with the fallout.”  So what can we do to prevent this?  How can we keep our loved ones healthy and happy while relieving the caregiver’s anxiety?

It could be as easy as having a conversation with your loved one.  Those suffering from dementia must deal with a “fractured” brain, as DeMarco puts it. By constantly involving him or her in conversations, you give their mind a workout.  When their mind is left to rest idly, it is easy for those with dementia to get confused and subsequently act out.

If they are constantly engaged in conversation they will not be as confused and therefore will be happier, resulting in less stress for the caregiver.  “Go ahead, go live your life. Take your loved one along with you and help them to live their life.”  You will be as thrilled as they are to be out and about.

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