Centenarian Celebrates Birthday in Style!


16344439_SSWe all hope to age gracefully, but maintaining independence into your later years can become difficult.  That said, some individuals seem to defy the laws of aging more than others!  One person in particular, Ray Nauroth, of Dunlap, Iowa just celebrated his 100th birthday.

Nauroth has worked as a bartender at the Gold Slipper in Iowa for 46 years and resides in a two story house by himself.  He drives himself to work, cleans his house, and prepares meals without the help of an aide and then goes to work.  “He does an awesome job and is a pleasure to work with,” said co-worker and supper club owner Nick Behrendt, “everyone loves him.”

The Gold Slipper threw a birthday party for Nauroth and served a fixed price meal for $19.11 to commemorate the year he was born.  Over 600 people came out to wish Nauroth a happy birthday because even in his old age, he has managed to stay young at heart and continues to establish new friendships as well as keep up existing friendships.

“Nauroth draws a steady crowd, but prefers to work alone no matter how busy it gets. “Ray never loses his sense of humor,” Behrendt says. “He’s always in a good mood and has an answer for everything.’”

The question that many of you are probably thinking is what is his secret to aging so gracefully and acting biologically like he is in his 50s or 60s?

His answer: “My secret is waking up every day.”

To read more about Ray Nauroth click here: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/45722058#.TvEcuCM6SFe

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