As Loved Ones Reconnect, the Holiday Season Provides Important Opportunity for Early Alzheimer’s Disease Detection

Free assessment for concerned family members available from Cerna Healthcare, a leading provider of in-home and onsite care

With Alzheimer’s Awareness month concluding and the holiday season upon us, families are encouraged to use this time to identify and act upon behaviors in loved ones that may signal early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease, a condition that affects millions annually. Experts agree that early detection may allow families to take steps that significantly slow the progress of the debilitating disease.
Nick Payzant, CEO of Irvine-based Cerna Healthcare, states that his firm sees an increase in calls of 20% after the holiday season when adult children and grandchildren may recognize early symptoms of Alzheimer’s in their relatives. “As early detection is key in managing and dealing with this condition, it’s encouraging that families take action when they recognize that their loved ones are demonstrating behaviors that are atypical.”
Payzant listed several early warning signs that families should note:

  • Forgetting the same thing in shorter durations of time
  • Intermittent, yet increasingly noticeable memory loss
  • Misplacing things in unusual places
  • Decreasing initiative (both physical and mental)
  • Poor, decreased or questionable judgment
  • More easily disoriented to time and or place
  • Trouble handling financial affairs (income taxes, balancing checkbook)
  • Repeating the same things over and over again (questions, stories or statements)

Because Alzheimer’s Disease detection is sometimes elusive to primary doctors who may not be equipped with the latest information on the ailment, Payzant encourages families to consider proactively addressing any troubling behaviors by seeing a neurologist or geriatric specialist. “Getting an early start with medication and lifestyle changes can significantly add happy, healthy years to a loved one’s life.” Cerna offers a free assessment to families via their web site or by calling (877) 577-6782.
Cerna’s in-home memory and cognition care includes a combination of exercise, diet changes and cognitive activity. The company’s focus is to provide individualized care based on symptoms caused by Alzheimer’s, and their staff is trained specifically to deal with challenges associated with the disease.

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Cerna Healthcare offers in-home and onsite care, coordinated care and nursing services. Founded in 2008, Cerna is a leading provider of Level II Home Care services, which includes cognitive and physical stimulation for patients that play an important role in recovery for those returning from a hospital stay, have an impairment due to Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, and Stroke or suffer from general aging issues. Cerna Healthcare services are available in areas throughout Southern California, San Diego and Dallas. Client support is available 24 hours/day by calling 877-577-6782. For more information, visit

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