Cerna Attends “Delirium. What is it? How Can it Be Managed?”

Phoenix is one of our newest and thriving Cerna locations. We are actively connecting with resources in the Phoenix area to broaden Cerna’s reach in the community.
Client Care Coordinator Bonnie Anderson is the driving force at Cerna Phoenix. She is always in search of tools, seminars and local gatherings that will help educate those we serve as well as Cerna RNs, LPNs and care providers.


Bonnie and Nick Payzant, Cerna’s CEO attended one such seminar titled, “’Delirium’ What is it? How Can it Be Managed?” It was presented by Hospice of the Valley in Gilbert, Arizona. The topic was geared towards administrators, RNs, LPNs, social workers and care providers.

The talk defined the distressing symptoms and potential causes of delirium and terminal restlessness. Then, the speaker addressed how to help manage delirium and terminal restlessness by preventing them from occurring or recurring and offered guidelines in the following categories:

  • Medication Management
  • Symptom Management
  • Environmental Impact


Attending these informative and relevant events make Bonnie Anderson an even better Client Care Coordinator for Cerna enabling her to understand the many aspects and needs involved in formulating a client’s in-home care plan. Call or email Bonnie with your questions.

Bonnie Anderson
P: (602) 235 0072

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