Cerna’s Board & Care Cares Like Family

Cerna Home Care operates a board & care facility in Irvine, California. However, “facility” is too clinical a name for this space of love and nurturing. It is indeed a “home” where the people who are cared for – and their caretakers, have grown to be a family. The home is staffed with devoted Cerna caregivers that have strong attachments with residents and their families. One such Cerna caregiver is Bora Pov.

Cerna calls the lovely home on a residential street “Andros House.” Cerna caregivers assist board & care residents with daily activities like bathing, eating, and hygiene – as well as exercises for the body and mind. A Cerna caregiver sleeps on the premises. The companionship they give to residents is most valued.

The Board & Care Family Mourns

One evening in May 2017, Andros House lost a family member. Her name was Patricia McGonigal; she was a board & care resident for two years. Patricia was on hospice at Adnros House; she peacefully passed at 12:30 a.m. Thida, the House Manager and the hospice nurse were with Patricia. With her passing, Particia’s Cerna family went into action

Patrice’s daughter Susan was immediately notified as well as Cerna’s Bora Pov – a caregiver for two years at Andros House. Bora had a close and tender relationship with Patricia. Although Bora was notified at her own home, out of a sound sleep, she wanted to be with Patricia and her daughter Susan, who Bora had also befriended.

Marc Friedman picked-up Susan McGonigal at her home and brought her to be with her mom. At Andros House, everyone hugged and cried together. Bora held Susan’s hand during her last goodbye to her mom.

Bora’s innate empathy and caring nature took over. She made coffee, prepared food and stayed all night to console and give care. For Bora, there was no question as to where she wanted to be. Bora was not punching a time clock. She stayed at Andros House out of genuine love and compassion. In fact, she remained all night and right through her scheduled shift the following day.

Susan McGonigle wrote Cerna a note expressing her gratitude, “Seeing Bora there on her own time at the house out of love, in the middle of the night when my mom had just passed, reminded me how much my family and the Cerna family were all one family. I will always treasure Marc, Bora and Thida – and the whole Cerna team.”

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