Photographer Puts a New Face on Alzheimer’s

Cathy Greenblat is on a quest – a quest to change the imagery of aging, illness and dying.

In most instances where people look away, Cathy Greenblat seeks to make approachable the dignity, beauty, delight, solemnness – and yes, sometimes sadness of the aged, the infirm, and those in the terminal stages of life through her photography.

In 2004, she focused her lens on Alzheimer’s and Alzheimer’s care in the US in her book titled “Alive with Alzheimer’s.” The title itself speaks volumes; people living with Alzheimer’s are just that – alive. While the thieving effects of the disease are devastating, people suffering from Alzheimer’s can still laugh, sing, dance and experience awakenings triggered by music, caring people, animals, imagery and more. The book’s description notes, “Her images, interviews, and observations attest to the possibility of their being “alive” with Alzheimer’s far beyond the expectations of the general public and even of many physicians with long experience with the disease.”


Cathy’s vision will help family members, friends and caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s understand targeted and person-centered care can harvest genuine and appropriate joyful responses.

Cerna’s Staff uses many different exercises and programs to invoke new cognitive activity with our clients – also including interaction with music for their positive effects.  Find out more HERE.

Visit to see Cathy Greenblat’s latest work.

2 thoughts on “Photographer Puts a New Face on Alzheimer’s

  1. cathy greenblat says:

    Thanks so much for this attention to my photography. The photos in this article are from book 1: Alive with Alzheimer’s. Many more images and more up to date information on my work is on a different web site, related to book 2: Love, Loss, and Laughter: Seeing Alzheimer’s Differentlyl Please visit for much more information and go to s to see a 15 minute film created by Australian filmmaker Corinne Maunder about 7 month tour of the LLL exhibit around Australia.

    My new work in progress will show, in a multimedia form, that joyous residential communities for the elderly including those with dementia, can be created and maintained. I’m working on it with geriatric psychiatrist Professor Soo Borson from the USA and filmmaker Corinne Maunder in this exciting look at 4 success stories. I welcome your comments and suggestions, and queries about hosting the exhibit. One set of the photos will be in Mississippi in August, while another will be hosted in Indonesia beginning in September. Cathy

    • K. Fisher says:

      You are very welcome Cathy. Our Cerna Care Coordinator in Palm Springs brought your work to my attention. It struck a chord. My mother has Alzheimer’s. I resent when people say to me your mom “was” so funny, she “was” an excellent teacher, she “was” a great mom. My Mom is not a “was” – she IS an “is”. She is here…alive – just like the multitudes of others with Alzheimer’s. We laugh and sing together; she likes when I do a goofy dance for her. We have fun as a family – it is just different now.

      I recently purchased “Alive with Alzheimer’s.” Thank you for the information on your other work. I am happy to share it with the Cerna Home Care community.

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