May 7th: Lecture Series on Family Caregiving

Cerna Home Care is here to provide information on events in your community. This free 90 minute lecture explains the common symptoms in patients with brain injury or dementia and helps to help you, make sense of the changes.


When a person has a brain injury or dementia, changes in behavior and personality can be confusing and scary. Dr. Carolyn Neff, Stroke Program Director in the Department of Neurology, will review some common changes in function that occur in brain injury and dementia patients and help explain why they occur.

Kaiser Permanente Orange County and the Caregiver Resource Center are proud to present the Spring and Summer Lecture Series on Family Caregiving. The series is free and open to everyone.

For more information or to register for a class, please call Kaiser’s Social Medicine Department at 714-644-2974.

Kaiser Permanente
Anaheim Medical Center
Kraemer Medical Office Building 2 (4th Floor/CCI/CC2)

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