Cerna Takes the Lead (and Your Hand) to Senior Living Assistance

Cerna is extremely proud to offer a new free service to our beloved current clients, as well as “friends and family” we have not met yet in Orange County; it is Senior Living Assistance.

Those who have made careers in elder care have a calling – and Cerna’s calling is elder care. Our unique approach to elder care is why we think of clients as “friends and family.” As people age at home, even with in home care from Cerna, there can come a time when it is no longer safe to live at home.

Indicators that it may be time to consider assisted living are you have hurt yourself when trying to lift or move your loved one, a disease like Alzheimer’s has progressed to a point you cannot handle alone, friends or family have expressed concern for you…There are many more indicators – that is when a friendly Cerna expert steps in to help assess the situation. Cerna assists you in making the determination of whether home placement is needed for yourself or your loved one, now, or in the not too distant future.

Cerna’s free assistance could stop there if you decide to stay home. If it is decided placement in a new home is required, then Cerna takes your hand and takes that step by your side as an adviser and advocate.

at homeCerna is unique in our senior living assistance philosophy because we are present, face-to-face with family and friends through the entire process. Cerna does not compile a list of appropriate homes and send our clients into the unknown; Cerna is there, with you, explaining what to expect, communicating pros and cons, asking questions you simply would not know to ask on your own and pursuing the ideal home for you based on likes, wants, care criteria, environment, budget and emotional connection.

Marc Friedman, Cerna’s Senior Vice President of Client Care explains, “We strive to find a loving nurturing setting, not what is most convenient – a place that is a welcoming home environment that feels like home and is appropriate for the long term.”

It is Cerna’s calling to do the leg work. Once you or your loved one is comfortable in a new home with facilities for ageing in place, our caring does not stop there. Cerna follows up with your family and friends for feedback, we make unannounced visits to the new home for personal visits and to make certain the level of care and living is high. Cerna also handles unforeseen issues, resolving to make them right.

When we initially meet clients or as we like to say, “friends and family” though Cerna’s in home care services, a relationship is established that provides you with a community of people aware of your health and care history. This history arms Cerna with the knowledge of how to best guide our clients when it is time for senior living assistance.

It is Cerna’s wish (and our calling) to care for you for life.

How can Cerna help? Please call us at 877.577.6782.

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