2015 Creating Hope Gala to End Alzheimer’s Disease

Catalina Elwell donated her time once again to Alzheimer’s disease. She volunteered to help at the Alzheimer’s Association Orange County Chapter’s Annual “Creating Hope” Gala on March 28. 2015.


Catalina said, “The Gala was an amazing turnout of altruistic and generous people coming together to support this cause and continue the fight against Alzheimer’s. I was honored to be a volunteer and be surrounded by such a kind and compassionate team who are making impactful strides in the research and hopeful cure for this disease.”

Proceeds from the gala go to fund Alzheimer’s disease research and outreach. The evening is an enchanting night-out of dinner and dancing on the bay at the Balboa Bay Yacht Club in Newport Beach. The evening’s message was, “Let’s get in front of the disease, so we can put an end to it altogether.”

Patty Mouton (center), Catalina Elwell (right)
Patty Mouton (center), Catalina Elwell (right)

Catalina spent time with influencers and doers like Patty Barnett Mouton, who serves as the Vice President, Outreach & Advocacy, for the Alzheimer’s Association, Orange County Chapter. In that capacity, Patty manages clinical outreach and education for physicians, nurses, social workers and many other health care and senior care providers. She also manages Advocacy and Public Policy activities for the Orange County chapter at the local, state and federal levels.

All who attended joined to support the Alzheimer’s Association’s vision of a world without ‪Alzheimer’s disease.

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