Brain Made Simple – for Anyone Who Has a Brain

The brain Made Simple

Get in on the brain conversation and educate yourself in an engaging and fun way!

Did you know there are ten types of dementia? Dementia is not a blanket diagnosis that explains all.
“Brain Made Simple” breaks down the ten types of dementia in an accessible and interactive manner.

Brain Made Simple is a presentation designed by Marc Friedman, President of Cerna Homecare. Marc saw an urgent need to address the frequently asked questions and concerns regarding dementia he receives, and answers, every day. His approach was to make a complicated and intimidating topic, simpler to understand. We all need to laugh, right? Marc infuses a little humor as well.

Brain Made Simple discusses the following topics:

  • What is dementia
  • The different types of dementia
  • Current statistics related to individuals diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  • What you can do to lower the odds of getting dementia
  • How dementia affects the individual physically emotionally and cognitively
  • Steps to take once the diagnosis is given
  • Triggers and redirection
  • Questions and answers session

Brain Made Simple tackles these topics in a group setting where lively exchanges happen. The word is spreading about this valuable seminar – now, Marc’s Brain Made Simple presentation is sought after by groups, associations and organizations.

Here’s what people are saying about Brain Made Simple:

“Marc’s Brain Made Simple presentation was not only educational but entertaining! Everyone in attendance was completely engaged!”
– Pacifica Senior Living, Phoenix

“Marc made understanding the importance of brain exercise really fun. I’m going to do it every day. I highly recommend attending Brain Made Simple for anyone that has one!!! So glad our company attended!”
– Aviant Hospice

“What was most fascinating to me was almost everyone was taking notes and seemed genuinely interested in the lecture/presentation! Most in attendance thanked Cerna for the invaluable information. It was a great day!”
– Francine Bueche

Currently, Marc presents Brain Made Simple for free. Family members dealing with a loved one suffering from cognitive decline to seasoned professionals who need a new way to look at how dementia affects the brain and body will benefit from this information. Call 877-593-0964 to inquire with Francine about scheduling a presentation.


About Marc Friedman
Marc Friedman, President of Cerna Homecare
Marc has multiple degrees in psychology, as well as a degree in Health Science, plus decades of experience in senior / dementia care.

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